Burping and other means of entertainment.

I just discovered there is an amazing 50,000 blogs started everyday, obviously we as humans have the need to communicate. So why did I start one? Probably the same reason. Laying in bed and not being able to sleep I have been thinking lately what is it in this difficult period in history that still puts smile on my face? It was pretty easy to answer, my family. So I quickly jumped out of bed and went to the giver of all information, that’s right Google and looked up things like The ‘Amazing Things About Parenting’ or ‘The 1000 Fantastic Things About Parenting’ and a bunch of other such topics. To mu surprise I came up with very little which just celebrated the quirky but wonderful wold of being a parent. Sadly there were thousands of pages relating to the difficulties and trials and tribulations of parenting, but little to do with the joy of it all. Those amazing moments when you sit round the dinner table as a family and you are all just laughing, just because. Or when your teenager texts you to tell you she got an ‘A’ in physics or a ‘B’ in Chemistry. The first steps they take and the first words they speak. The first tears they cry from a broken heart and the first time you live vicariously through them when they have their first love.

We have a four year old and a fourteen year old and recently our four year old discovered that she could burp. Hey, it’s noteworthy. The thing is with this child is that she understands ‘Stand-up’ already and was quite willing to impress us with her (Worthy of a construction worker) repertoire. This was one of those silly moments of pure laughter at the dinner table. It was less about the bodily function she had discovered but more about the fact that she was amusing herself with the whole thing.


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